Microsoft releases SNIPP3T, a new app for tracking celebrity news


Microsoft has released a new app for the iPhone today called SNIPP3T. It describes the software as a ‘Celebrity News’ app, that aggregates all of the latest gossip on your favorite Hollywood stars from around the web into one convenient stream.

The app is actually really well designed, and as you can imagine, it’s heavily tied into Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Fans can read recent news articles on celebrities, subscribe to their news streams, and view curated Profile pages for more info…

For more context, here’s the App Store description:

SNIPP3T (pronounced “Snippet”) is a Celebrity News app that snips everything you want to know about your favorite celebrities from all over the web and puts it in one place.
– Subscribe to your favorite celebrity with one click, and the hottest stories about them will show up in your personalized stream of headlines.
– Tap on a celebrity to view their detailed profiles and explore a timeline of news stories surrounding them. You can also tap into a news story to get all relevant story content (news articles, photos, videos, and social mentions) in one place.
– Share your thoughts about the latest news with other fans of your favorite celebrities.

And here are a few more screenshots for good measure:

snippet 1

Admittedly, I find myself on TMZ from time to time, but I’m not much for celebrity gossip. I do know it’s a huge market though (just look at the plethora of tabloids next time you’re in line at a grocery store), so maybe Microsoft is on to something here.

If you want to check it out for yourself, you can find SNIPP3T in the App Store for free. Microsoft asks that you put in your Facebook credentials for sharing and commenting purposes, but you can use most of the app’s features without an account.