The perfect portable car mount gets bigger

Airframe Plus review

In our recent Kenu Airframe review, we unanimously called the portable car mount the perfect dashboard companion for your iPhone. Small, convenient, practical, and fairly inexpensive, this lightweight accessory makes mounting your phone on a car dashboard a quick and easy thing, as it will secure virtually any device with a screen size of up to 5 inches.

But what happens if you have a bigger device?

With rumors of a larger 5.5″ screen iPhone 6 looming above us, and with the proliferation of larger smartphones all around, the folks at Kenu have decided to address the demand, and recently released the Airframe+, a device exactly similar in form and function to its smaller version, but with more size to accommodate bigger screens.

Airframe Plus vent

The new accessory works exactly the same as the smaller model. Because it is made to fit any device with a screen of up to 6″, it is very slightly bigger in size. The rest of the mount is similar in shape and function.

The Airframe+ uses the same patent-pending rotating clip that securely mounts the accessory onto any car vent, whether they are horizontal, vertical, or angled. I personally tried the Airframe+ in both our cars and it was a perfect fit in each of them.

Not only it is securely mounted to the car vent, but your iPhone (or whatever device you use), is tightly yet gently held in place between the spring loaded expandable jaws. Expand the jaws to set your device, then let them back in so they can secure it. Repeat the process to remove the device from the Airframe+.

Airframe Plus

If the original Airframe could easily accommodate an iPhone 5s, an HTC One, or a Galaxy S5, the Airframe+ will easily fit a Galaxy Note 3 or a Nokia Lumia 1520, both sporting screens of 5.7 and 6′ respectively. If the rumor of a 5.5″ screen iPhone 6 materializes, it will fit just right in the Airframe+.

Doing a new review of the Kenu Airframe+ would be highly redundant, mainly because it is a very similar accessory. As Jim mentioned in his initial Airframe review, trying to explain the Airframe+ in more details would only take away from its simplicity.

Whatever your device is, we can’t recommend Airframe enough. If you have a device with a screen size below 5′, then do yourself a favor and purchase the original Airframe for $24.95 (in either black or white). If you have, or intend to have, a larger device with a screen up to 6″, then go for the Airframe+ ($29.95).

The folks at Kenu were kind enough to give us an extra Airframe+ to giveaway. To enter to win, simply click here to retweet this message. The winner will be selected on Wednesday.

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