Kenu Airframe is the perfect dashboard companion for your iPhone

Kenu Airframe

Keeping iPhone within arm’s reach while driving is not only convenient, but also a matter of life and death. Every day, people wreck their vehicles fumbling around for their smartphone while driving. There are many mounts on the market, offering easy access to a smart device. However, I would argue Kenu’s Airframe is chart topping.

When designing a car mount, there are a few factors that must be considered: where is it going; how will it attach; what will it hold; is it portable. While portability is not the most important, the Airframe will easily detach and run with you to the next step. Airframe is a great solution in a small package…

Design and function

Kenu Airfram mounted

Weighing less than an ounce, the little Airframe is doing work much beyond its weight class. The back uses a TPE tipped, 4 pronged attachment point. Depending on your vehicle’s air vents, the tips attach at any angle, either horizontal vertical, or even slanted. Because the attachment tips will rotate, there is not an angle for which the Airframe cannot be utilized.

Kenu Airfram slanted

Once mounted, inserting the phone is simple because the side panels are spring loaded. Expanding widely, the Airframe is compatible for most 5″ screens, which should keep iPhone users happy, even when they upgrade to an iPhone 6. To keep iPhone’s metal sides from being damaged, the Airframe panels are covered in TPE.


Honestly, to spend any more time trying to explain the device would only limit its simplicity. I have carried this with me on two road trips. Just stuff it in your pocket and take it from car to car. Now, I have a much more complicated, semi-professionally installed car mount in both my wife’s and my car. However, if I am going anywhere that might require me to drive another vehicle, I throw the Airframe in my bag.

At $24.99, it is a must-have. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it “was a steal,” but it is perfectly priced, easy to use, highly portable, and solves a universal problem. Do yourself a favor and stop fumbling for your phone while driving. Don’t clutter your windshield with a suction mounted dock that creates blind spots and dirties your windows. The Kenu Airframe is an instant purchase for me.