iOS 8 Beta 4 could arrive next Monday

iOS 8 logo (mockup 001)

If history is anything to go by, Apple could seed the next beta of iOS 8 to its registered developers later this month. As in, precisely two weeks after iOS 8 Beta 3 dropped.

As you know, the third beta arrived on July 7, bringing Wi-Fi Calling for T-Mobile iPhones and a host of under-the-hood tweaks and enhancements.

If BGR’s sources are right, iOS 8 Beta 4 should be expected on Monday, July 21. Keep in mind that BGR does not have the most reliable of sources and that the publication has been wrong before in predicting dates for iOS betas…

BGR editor Jonathan Geller learned from his sources that Apple is “currently planning” on making iOS 8 beta 4 available to developers and testing partners on Monday, July 21.

Geller’s prediction hopefully comes with BGR’s Seal of Approval.

He added:

We have also been able to get a glimpse at the iOS 8 beta release calendar and we will continue to share iOS 8 beta release dates with you as we get closer to them.

If true, there will be a two-week gap between Beta 3 and Beta 4. By comparison, there was a three-week gap from Beta 2 to Beta 3.

As always, we’ll keep you posted and ping you the instant iOS 8 Beta 4 drops.