Apple wins lawsuit against Emblaze over live video streaming patent

courtroom gavel

In a verdict handed down late yesterday by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, Apple defeated a lawsuit brought on by Emblaze Ltd. The company claimed that the iPhone-maker infringed on one of its patents.

More specifically, Emblaze accused Apple of infringing on its live video streaming patent, with its HTTP live-streaming service (HLS) that it asks 3rd-party apps like MLB at Bat and WatchESPN to use. But the trial’s jury found otherwise…

Bloomberg has more on the trial:

Mark Fowler, a lawyer for Apple, argued to a federal jury at the outset of trial in San Jose, California, that Emblaze was an example of a failed company targeting the iPhone-maker due to its success.

Emblaze manufactured and sold audio products, and attempted to sell its technology to wireless carriers and then phone companies, failing each time, Fowler argued. Fowler failed to convince jurors that Emblaze’s patent is invalid, though they agreed with him that none of the seven accused streaming services infringe it.

The US patent in question was issued to Emblaze back in 2002, and first used it to sue Apple in 2010. The Israel-based company has in the past tried to sell the license along with the rest of its IP to other firms, but has thus far been unsuccessful.

Emblaze has another lawsuit pending in the same court, over the same patent, against Microsoft and its Windows 7 operating system.