Apple releases iTunes 11.3, including all-new iTunes Extras for HD movies for Mac and Apple TV

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Apple has just released a brand new iTunes 11.3 update which enables iTunes Extras for HD movies on Mac computers. Moreover, iTunes 11.3 finally brings back iTunes Extras to the $99 Apple TV media-streaming box after Apple killed support for this useful content-enhancing feature back in 2010.

As if that wasn’t enough, the company confirmed that these interactive menus with featurettes, behind-the-scenes videos, director’s commentary and other interactive assets will be coming to iOS 8 in Fall…

iTunes 11.3 release notes:

iTunes 11.3 includes all-new iTunes Extras for HD movies. iTunes Extras can include behind-the-scenes videos, short films, high-resolution image galleries, director’s commentaries, scenes and more.

These immersive interactive features are like DVD extras and are automatically downloaded when you buy a movie on iTunes which has iTunes Extras.

And now, for the first time iTunes Extras can be enjoyed on Apple TV with Software Update 6.2 and will be available on iOS 8 this Fall. Actually, the original Apple TV supported iTunes Extras, but Apple then inexplicably removed support for the feature following a major Apple TV hardware refresh back in 2010.

The Apple TV Software Update 6.2 rolled out less than two weeks ago.

Apple notes that iTunes Extras will be automatically added to your previously purchased HD movies as they become available, and at no addditional charge.

You can download the most recent stable version of iTunes through the iTunes download page. Alternatively, choose Software Update... from the Mac menu.