Shutter stores every photo you take in the cloud for free

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We’ve all been there. We are on vacation or at an event, snapping pictures or shooting video clips of our kids doing something funny, when we run out of storage space on our iPhone. There are plenty of options for saving pictures on social networking sites or in iCloud. However, we don’t necessarily want to share hundreds of pictures of the 5K we just ran on Facebook and Apple’s free iCloud storage is limited. Even Dropbox limits your free storage to 2GB.

Shutter by StreamNation aims to solve our storage needs by allowing users to take photos and video from within the app and automatically store content in an unlimited free cloud-based service…

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The app allows users to take “millions of photos and videos” without using any space on their device. All content taken within the app is automatically stored in Shutter’s cloud. Shutter’s smart offline management enables users to have access to the 200 most recent photos and videos, even when there is no Internet connection.

You can store hour-long videos and as many photos as your heart desires in Shutter’s cloud-based storage locker. Share your content directly with others via StreamNation’s private cloud. You can also upload content directly to many of the most popular social networking sites all at once with no size restrictions. You have access to filter choices, album management, and background uploads.

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The camera feature itself is limited, but offers a few options that make it a good bet for snapshots and video clips. You can add one of eight real-time filters for both photos and video. Once captured, content is automatically saved to StreamNation’s cloud service. When you view an image, you’ll see the date, time, and location it was taken, as well as camera specs and shutter speed. You can tag, favorite, and share photos and videos. Share content with others all at once to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also save the content to your iOS device, copy a link to the image to share with others directly, print a picture, or move the selection to a new album. Create albums within the app to organize content.

You can also store images from your camera roll that were not taken in Shutter. In the menu section of the app, select your iPhone’s camera roll and all content will automatically begin uploading to StreamNation.

Shutter by StreamNation is available for free and storage space for mobile uploads is unlimited and free. Download it in the App Store today.

What do you think of Shutter? Will you start using it to save your photos?