Apple rolls out new design for its Support Communities website

support 1

Following a report yesterday regarding incoming improvements to the AppleCare program and its customer support tools, Apple has rolled out an update to its Support Communities website that includes a fresh new design.

The new look is cleaner and more streamlined than its predecessor, which makes for easier navigation, and it extends throughout the portal. It even reaches the forums, where users congregate to resolve various problems…

As noted by 9to5Mac, Apple has also built some new social features into the site. There are now quick links for ‘Activity,’ ‘Content,’ ‘People,’ and ‘Search’ at the top of each page, for quickly finding specific forums and members.

support redesign

Finally, the support site’s search engine has been improved. The search bar now displays live results with similar questions as you type in your issue. If it doesn’t find a match, it automatically creates a ‘Submit my question’ button.

Today’s changes are just a small part of a larger effort to improve Apple’s tech support programs, as detailed by VP Tara Bunch in a Town Hall meeting this week. The company also plans to extend support to several new countries.