Halfbrick’s Fish Out Of Water! is Apple’s latest Free App of the Week. Oh, wait…

Fish Out of Water (iPhone screenshot 002)

Another Thursday, another App Store freebie – courtesy of Apple’s ongoing Free App of the Week promotion. If you liked Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride – the two fun games that’ve really put Halfbrick on the map – chances are you’ll enjoy their latest title, Fish Out Of Water!.

Available for the iPhone and iPad, the game employs an effective mechanics that involves skipping fish across waves. So throw your fish of choice into the water, watch as it flies through the clouds and skips along the waves and see how your performance scores in yet another gem from Halfbrick Studios…

While on paper the concept sounds unimpressive, as you watch the Crab Crew scoring your overall performance the addictiveness kicks in and the action really starts to heat up.

Daily competitions with friends on Game Center and a huge variety of individual challenges will keep you glued to your mobile screens for many hours.

And as you complete various objectives, your fish levels up and you unlock crystals that can be crafted to unleash bonus powers.

Fish Out of Water (iPhone screenshot 003)

So what’s Apple’s reasoning for choosing the game the App Store’s newest Free App of the Week?

Apple-provided iTunes description gives us a hint:

Halfbrick, the creator of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, once again demonstrates how its’ master of meshing simple mechanics with devilishly repayable challenges in its new game, Fish Out Of Water!

Featuring a clever mechanics that involves skipping fish across waves, Fish Out Of Water! is a shinning example of Halfbrick’s world-class game design. It’s accessible enough for anyone to pick up yet provides enough depth to make continued play highly rewarding.

The problem is, the game has gone free two days ago as part of Halfbrick’s generous sales promotion!

Don’t get me wrong: I love free and Fish Out Of Water! is a great game.

But, but – App Store editors must pay attention when making these kinds of choices because it’s not the first time they’ve picked an app that had already gone free. Plus, they made some bad choices in the past.


For the record, Halfbrick is still running  the promo and offering hit games for free, but do hurry up as theirs is a limited time sale.

Download Fish Out Of Water! in the App Store now.