Sunrise Calendar is now available everywhere, including on Android and the web

Sunrise Calendar for Android (Everywhere)

Sunrise Calendar, a free iOS calendar alternative, on Thursday rolled out to Android smartphones, now available free of charge in Google’s Play Store. In addition, the software has  been released on desktop, too, in the form of a web app available in the Chrome Web Store.

And ff you prefer Apple’s Safari over Google’s Chrome browser, Sunrise Calendar can now be enjoyed as a regular web app, too, though you’ll lose Chrome-specific functionality such as the offline mode. With that in mind, the app is now available pretty much everywhere: across the iPhone, iPad and Android devices and on the web…

Thanks to its cross-platform approach, Sunrise looks and works the same no matter which platform you happen to be using. On Android, Sunrise features the same beautiful design as its iPhone and iPad counterpart.

Here it is.

Sunrise Calendar for Android (screenshot 001)Sunrise Calendar for Android (screenshot 002)

There are two basic views: your daily agenda with photos, icons and weather and the 3-day view for a quick glance at your schedule. And not only does Sunrise for Android synchronize with your Google Calendar, it also features support for iCloud calendars, just like the iOS edition.

As a bonus, it comes with a really nicely done widget, pictured below, and of course supports actionable notifications.

Sunrise Calendar for Android (screenshot 003)

Check out Sunrise for Android in action.

Unfortunately, the app isn’t yet optimized for Android-driven tablets, but the team is working on it as we speak.

We are planning to bring the Sunrise experience to your Android tablet and for Exchange Calendars over the summer,” Sunrise noted in a blog post.

And here’s Sunrise as a Chrome web app.

The web app supports time zones, syncs between desktop and mobile, delights with its edge-to-edge experience free of any sidebar and much more.

The iOS edition of Sunrise recently picked up support for over 25,000 calendars to help you keep track of holidays, sport team schedules and more. It also does Exchange accounts, for those wondering.

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If you haven’t already, give Sunrise Calendar a whirl by downloading it free in the App Store.

The app is universal and requires iOS 7.0 or later.

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