Start your morning off right with WhatAlarm [sponsored]

The folks at B&G present WhatAlarm, the alarm clock app that helps you get going in the morning by reading you the news, your reminders, appointments, weather conditions, as well as your horoscope.

WhatAlarm not only aims at waking you up but also telling you what your day looks like so you know ahead of getting out of bed. After opening the app to stop the alarm, WhatAlarm will kindly greet you and inform you about the weather for the day. Then it will read your reminders, the main news headlines, your horoscope, and finally will play your favorite radio station until you stop the app…

A recent update brought two new handy features to the app. The first one, called “Shake to Wake Up” allows you to shake your iPhone when the alarm goes off. This will turn the voice feature of the alarm on, which will then tell you all about your day. The other feature is “Shake to Snooze,” which as you might guess, allows you to shake your iPhone when the alarm goes off in order to snooze. Both options can be configured from the app’s settings.

The night audio recording is another important feature in this version. The main benefit of night recording is that it helps you learn more about your sleep cycle. With this feature, you can check the quality of your sleep (ie. if you snore, if you move, or if you speak).

WhatAlarm is available in the App Store for $0.99.