Beautiful new concept envisions iWatch as a high-end wristwatch

iwatch rolex 1

One of the crazier rumors we’ve heard thus far involving the iWatch comes from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who said the accessory may cost as much as ‘several thousand dollars.’ Kuo is well respected in the Apple community, but this particular prediction seemed a bit off.

That is, unless the iWatch ends up looking like this new concept from Curved/labs that surfaced earlier this week. The site envisions the rumored smartwatch looking like a high-end Rolex, with a digital chronograph face, wireless charging, and several other features…

The site says that it was going for more of a classic “chronograph look,” instead of the usual square OLED display. And it points out that the watch hands are transparent, and they glow, so that even if the battery goes completely dead, it can still be used as a regular watch.

The buttons are also illuminated, for easier operation in the dark, and the black home screen features flat app icons and other iOS 7-inspired elements. The watch itself can be charged wirelessly, but if you do dock it into the base, its glowing screen can double as an alarm clock.

Here’s what it looks like next to the competition:

iwatch rolex 2

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the real ‘iWatch,’ other than what we’ve read in reports from industry insiders. Pundits believe it’ll feature multiple display sizes, between 1 and 2-inches, and come with a variety of advanced sensors for tracking health and fitness data.

Whatever it is, Apple appears to be pulling out all of the stops. In addition to hiring a number of doctors and various other experts, Apple is believed to have reached some kind of deal with Nike, and this week NBA star Kobe Bryant was spotted on the company’s Cupertino campus.

The iWatch is expected to launch this fall.

What do you think of this particular concept? Would you buy one?