15-year-old creates iPhone-powered stethoscope

Steth IO (image 002)

This is so cool. An inventor from Seattle who is just fifteen years old has created a working stethoscope powered by the iPhone. He is calling it Steth IO and went to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as part of the show’s ‘Fallonventions’ segment to showcase the innovative accessory.

He says that the Steth IO works with an iPhone or Android smartphone and uses a special case to direct the sounds of a beating heart to the handset’s mic…

Using a dedicated app, the fifteen-year-old explains, he can then interpret the heartbeat sounds and chart a user’s data on the device.


According to the official website, medical professionals can tap Steth IO’s visualization, ambient noise reduction and amplification to get more accurate and confident diagnosis, save recordings to the EMR for serial comparisons and much more.

Steth IO (image 003)

Normals can use the device to monitor for heart conditions at home and then send heart sounds (and other biological sounds) to their physician for additional review. The website notes that all claims have yet to undergo FDA approval and clinical validation.

Folks can register their interest here.


Steth IO

The Steth IO was developed in partnership with Mulumudi’s father.

Mulumudi and Mulumudi Jr. also created another device dubbed the LesionSizer which can help reduce unnecessary stents in angioplasty. The Mulumudis have a startup called StratoScientific which won the first place at the WTIA Spring First Look Forum.