Twelve South introduces the HoverBar 3 for iPad

hover bar 3

Twelve South, a premium accessory maker of various Mac and iOS add-ons, announced a new product today. It’s called the HoverBar 3, and it’s the successor to the company’s popular line of Apple tablet mounts.

The HB 3 looks similar to older models—it still features an iPad holder attached to a 20-inch flexible metal arm, and it still mounts to various surfaces via a 1-inch clamp—but it offers support for newer devices…

From the Twelve South website:

HoverBar 3 is a flexible arm that attaches to any ledge in your office, kitchen, bedroom or anywhere you use your iPad, allowing you to enjoy your iPad hands-free in ways you never imagined. At home, HoverBar 3 holds iPad so you can follow a recipe. At work, use HoverBar alongside your Mac to keep an eye on your calendar, stock feed or for hands-free FaceTime collaboration. HoverBar 3 securely clips to any edge (up to 1 inch thick) and includes 3 iPad Fit Clips to hold iPad (2nd-4th generation), iPad Air, and iPad mini models. HoverBar 3 also includes a handy display stand to use when your iPad is away from HoverBar.

And here’s the promotional clip:

In iDB’s review of the original HoverBar, Jim noted that it was very well designed and made the perfect desktop, kitchen and side table companion. He also found that the arm wasn’t as flexible or durable as advertised.

In the end, he decided it was worth the hefty price tag. If you don’t already have one, you can find the HoverBar 3 in Twelve South’s web store for $99. Already have one? Just buy clips for your new iPad Air or mini for $20.