Robots Love Ice Cream is like Space Invaders with frozen sweet treats

Robots Love Ice Cream 1

I loved Space Invaders when I was a kid. Actually, I still love it. Any kind of arcade space shooter will usually peak my interest, especially if it is a vertical shooter.

Robots Love Ice Cream is similar to Space Invaders in concept, but takes on a life of its own with evil robots, tiny planets, and weaponized ice cream…

Players start with a basic ice cream truck outfitted with strawberry cones. The goal is to take down groups of Lil Chip robots before they take your sweets. The game features traditional arcade controls with left and right movement arrows, attack, and jump buttons.

The planets you defend are reminiscent of the tiny asteroid that The Little Prince lived on. One could drive across the entire globe in a matter of seconds. Players drive around the planet, looking for invasions from above.

The evil robots descend on the unsuspecting planet. However, the inhabitants are lucky to have you on board because you can protect their world from the ice cream loving automatons. Tap the fire button to shoot the cones at the enemy. When you destroy incoming robots, they will drop “Sprinkletonium,” which can be used to purchase upgrades for your truck.

Upgrades give you the chance to add more frozen treats to your arsenal. New popsicles offer things like rapid fire, spread shot, and a level-clearing bomb.

Robots Love Ice Cream 2

Some robots will try to steal your treats. Others are only there to destroy you. No matter what the shifty flying gadgets are up to, your goal is to blow them to bits.

Different planets have unique themes. You can visit desert oasis planets, a frozen tundra, and a bustling metropolis. Planets may be populated with obstacles that get in your way of making it to the invasion.

Robots Love Ice Cream 3

You can earn more points and take down more enemies by shooting combination ice cream attacks. Players earn achievements for completing objectives on different planets. Earn more Sprinkletonium for successfully completing objectives.

Although it is a little more complex than the 2-D flat fighting arcade space shooters of our childhood, this game will satisfy your craving to blow invading aliens out of the sky. Plus, ice cream.

Robots Love Ice Cream is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for $0.99. Download it in the App Store today.

Do you love ice cream? Are you secretly a robot?