Logitech announces new, slimmer version of its Ultrathin iPad keyboard case


In response to the recent release of Office for iPad, Logitech yesterday announced a new version of its wildly popular Ultrathin iPad keyboard case. The new version improves on the design of its predecessor, with a thinner, lighter and more flexible design.

If you haven’t seen an Ultrathin before, it’s a Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad that doubles as a protective cover. It’s designed from aluminum to match the rear casing of Apple’s tablet, and the keyboard offers comfortable key spacing and iOS shortcuts…

Here’s an excerpt from Logitech’s press release:

The Logitech Ultrathin improves the flexibility and design of its predecessor with an even thinner and lighter keyboard cover and new flexible multi-angle slot that allows you to magnetically clip your iPad into the perfect viewing angle.

It’s about two-thirds the weight of the iPad, measures only 6.4 mm thick and with the Ultrathin’s high-grade aluminum construction and matching finish, you can hardly tell them apart. Its built-in Bluetooth® keyboard comes complete with iOS® shortcuts and well-spaced keys that make typing fast and fluid.

And here’s a brief promotional clip for the new case:

In addition to the updated Ultrathin case, Logitech also announced a handful of other protective cases for Apple’s tablet line, including the Hinge, the Turnaround, and the Big Bang. The first 2 are are multi-angle stands, and the Big Bang is an ultra-rugged case.

For those interested, the new Ultrathin keyboard case is available for pre-order now on Logitech’s website. The iPad mini/iPad mini with Retina display version will run you $89.99, and the iPad Air model $99.99. And both of them are offered in white and black.