How to add a live photo slideshow to the Photos app icon

LivePhotos 01

LivePhotos is a tweak that allows you to add a slideshow of the current photos in your Photos app to the Photos app icon. A $0.99 release on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, LivePhotos spices up your Home screen with a live Photo icon that’s similar in some respects to the live tiles present in the Windows Phone OS.

We’ve taken a look at LivePhotos and have created a video review that captures our thoughts and experiences with the tweak. Is it worth your time? Check inside for more details.

LivePhotos is an interesting idea, and it will probably work well for the majority of people out there. For me, however, it didn’t work as well because my Photos app is filled with screenshots for blogging purposes.

For the average user, LivePhotos is a good way to catch a glimpse of your favorite snapshots while perusing the Home screen. The tweak features several options for enabling blurring, changing the slideshow speed, and embossing the stock Photos app icon on top of the live photo slideshow. Unfortunately, I found that the options found in its preferences required a respring, and generally didn’t agree with on-the-fly changes.

LivePhotos Settings

If you want to try LivePhotos, you can do so now for $0.99 on Cydia. It’s available on the BigBoss repo, and it’s developed by Home School Dev.

What do you think about LivePhotos? Is it the type of tweak that you can see yourself using? I think most users will like it, because it puts your photos to work instead of just letting them sit in the Photos app collecting virtual dust. What about you? Sound off down below.