Yahoo wants to be Apple’s default iOS search engine, prepares to sway execs


Yahoo wants to increase its presence on mobile by convincing Apple to ditch Google for Yahoo as the default search service on  iOS devices, according to Recode.

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, has been preparing several staffers within the company to begin a big offensive against Google and sway Apple to adopt its search engine. 

Yahoo hasn’t commented publicly on the plans – we’ve reached out for comment – however Recode reports Mayer and Co. have prepared detailed decks, including images of what such a search product would look like, and hopes to present them to Apple execs through a meeting soon. Furthermore, Mayer is said to have already pushed Jonathan Ive, Apple SVP of design, on the issue.

“Marissa wants it very badly,” one source is claimed to have said.

Yahoo already has a search presence on iOS, but isn’t default. Along with Microsoft’s Bing, iOS users can switch to Yahoo if the default Google isn’t their preference for searching across the web. Yahoo and Apple have had a good relationship over the years, as Yahoo is already the default data source on the stocks and weather app on the iPhone.

If it were to snag the default search spot on iOS, Yahoo could see a big jump in advertising dollars as a result. It’s been working to build out its mobile presence with apps offered through the App Store, including Yahoo Digest for news and a weather app, but those aren’t revenue gaining. Search from iOS’ Safari would direct users to Yahoo’s web pages which in turn drives advertising dollars.

“Search is an amazing product, and search needs to continue to evolve for consumers and for advertisers,” Yahoo America lead Ned Brody recently told Advertising Age. “I think we’re committed to figuring that out.”