Yahoo Search

Yahoo Search app updated with new iOS 7 design

Yahoo has updated its official Search client for iOS this morning, bringing the app to version 3.1. The update doesn't include much, but is instantly noticeable thanks to the all new design. Yahoo calls it 'minimalist,' but we often refer to this as iOS 7-style.

For those who aren't familiar with it, the app is pretty much your standard web engine with a built-in browser, but of course with Yahoo's services. So for folks invested in the ecosystem with either Mail or Tumblr, it could offer more than Google or Bing...

iPhone tops Yahoo UK’s 2013 tech searches

Rivals often point to Apple's sub-20 percent share of the global smartphone market as a proof of sorts that the iPhone has run its course. In reality, the device remains the most sought-after item in technology which people searched for most on the web throughout the year, at least among the British.

According to Yahoo UK's annual roundup of trends and stories gleaned from the billions of online searches throughout the year 2013, the iPhone was the most searched-for technology item this year. After the Apple handset, Yahoo's UK users were most interested in Amazon's second-ranked Kindle e-reader and Samsung's third-placed Galaxy brand.

Apple's iPad and Sony's new PlayStation 4 round up the top five most searched-for tech items on Yahoo UK (the Xbox One ranked sixth)...