Upcoming jailbreak tweak ‘OS Experience’ promises to bring true multitasking to iPad

os experience

We noted on the most recent episode of our podcast Let’s Talk Jailbreak that it’s an exciting time for jailbreakers right now. It seems like every few weeks we have a major new tweak coming out—Auxo 2, ProWidgets, IntelliScreenX 7—and today we have a another one to add to the list.

It’s called ‘OS Experience,’ and it’s described as a “revolutionary iOS tweak that brings true multitasking to your iPad.” Built by developer Evan Swick, the tweak reminds me a lot of the ‘Spaces’ feature in OS X, with a full-featured window manager, live application previews, and more…

Here’s a short video demo of the tweak:

And the accompany text from the developer:

Note: There’s a few UI glitches/laggniness due to Display Recorder. They aren’t really present, and I couldn’t see them when I was recording.

Introducing OS Experience, the revolutionary iOS tweak that brings true multitasking to your iPad.

Influenced by Mac OS X, OS Experience is a fully-featured window manager and multitasking switcher. Apps can be resized, rotated, and moved at will. The switcher also includes live previews of all running apps.

We don’t know much else about OS Experience, but Swick says that he plans to release it within the next week or two. He doesn’t say how much he’s going to charge for the tweak, but in response to a question about pricing on Twitter, he does say that he plans to price it ‘fairly, not high.’

Stay tuned.