Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf is Apple’s new Free App of the Week

Joe Dever Lone Wolf (iPhone screenshot 001)Joe Dever Lone Wolf (iPhone screenshot 002)

If last week’s Free App of the Week – Lucas Zanotto’s alphabet and math learning app called Drawnimal – wasn’t your cup of tea, worry not as Apple refreshes its ongoing App Store promotion every Thursday.

Today’s obviously the day a new Apple-curated app goes temporarily free for a week. Released by publisher Bulkypix, Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf is a half gamebook and half action role-playing game based on the works of Joe Dever.

The author himself was involved in this game from the get-go, working with the studio to adapt the storyline so it fits with the original continuity. In addition to a brand-new story, Lone Wolf features great graphics, a new combat system, non-linear gameplay, lock-picking mini games, the dynamic turn-based combat system and lots more.

Lone Wolf is available free until next Thursday so best thing you grab it now before it goes back up again to its normal asking price of five bucks a pop…

Lone Wolf is laden with beautifully hand-drawn illustrations, 3D locations and the powerful enemies and characters that’ll be instantly familiar to the fans of the series.

You can “write your own story” by making different choices and exploring new paths and fighting styles, which adds up to the game’s replay value. The combat system is real-time. Lock-picking mini games and puzzle mechanics add an extra layer of skill and strategy.

Check out the screenshots below.

Joe Dever Lone Wolf (iPhone screenshot 003)

Joe Dever Lone Wolf (iPhone screenshot 004)

How about that awesome graphics?

The game is comprised of four acts in total.

Act 2 called Forrest Hunt became available in yesterday’s update.

The story continues in the Sunken Forest, with meaningful choices, alternative paths, brand-new 3D locations and a magical minigame that will put your wits to the test!

Last but not least, “Forest Hunt” features one of the most iconic and fearsome enemies you could face in Lone Wolf’s world: are you ready to face the fearsome Gourgaz?

Here’s the official trailer.

And this is your short and sweet Act 2 teaser.

You can unlock Act 2 in the in-game shop or pre-purchase all episodes with the Season Pass, available as a one-time $12.99 in-app purchase.

“If you have already purchased the Season Pass, Act 2 will be launched automatically when you finish Act 1 or when you load a proper game save,” noted Bulkypix.

Download Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf free in the App Store.

The universal download comes in at 799MB and requires iOS 5.1 or later.