Theme Thursday: Aromy, RipMe HD, Patience and more

Theme Thursday 9

The ninth edition of Theme Thursday, a weekly column that promotes some of the best Winterboard themes, features four releases with noticeably different designs. Aromy has a playful color scheme with drop shadows, RipMe HD has a nature-based design, px.theme is a pixel theme and Patience is just beautiful. Take a look at each ahead and keep your recommendations coming in the comments for next week… 



A few weeks have passed since this theme was released, and I’m surprised I did not come across it sooner. Thanks to the numerous readers that recommended this theme last week, I am pleased to present you with Aromy. A beautiful custom icon set with drop shadows and a playful color scheme, Aromy gives your iPhone or iPod touch a breath of fresh air.

User interface designer TimeLoop has been working on this theme for over three months, and the results have been fantastic. Aromy features over 120 custom icons and counting, a custom boot logo, alternative lock sound and custom JellyLock theme. The theme will set you back $2.00 on the Cydia Store, and is only one of a handful of paid themes that I can truly recommend.

RipMe HD

RipMe HD Theme

A theme that arose from the /r/iOSthemes community on Reddit, RipMe HD is a new custom icon set that bears close resemblance to M’Flat. Each icon consists of an outdoor-based background overlaid with a white glyph and border. The icons also have a slightly more rounded appearance than the stock iOS 7 ones. The only downside is that non-themed icons do not blend in well.

RipMe HD is the work of Reddit user MauricioFame, while the screenshots from above come from Cris619. This theme is not available on a default Cydia repository, meaning that you’ll have to download this Dropbox file and install it manually using a program such as iFunBox or iExplorer. Make sure it is placed in the Winterboard directory. RipMe HD is free for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.



So this theme hasn’t actually been released yet, but I find the concept behind px.theme to be really interesting. This upcoming theme is the work of graphic designer Andreas Larsen, who you should recognize as the creator of Habesha and Circul8 if you have been following this Theme Thursday series. In fact, Larsen is one of the best talents in the iOS theming community.

There is no concrete release date planned for this theme, but Larsen does intend to offer it for free with the option to donate. The Copenhagen-based designer is relying on the community to pitch in with additional icons, based on his GitHub templates. I would assume that the theme will be made available for at least iPhone and iPod touch, but the iPad could be in line too.



Patience has a slightly different distribution method than most themes, but it still strongly deserves to be mentioned. A collaborative effort between European graphic designers zooropalg and iPixThemesHD, this theme is bundled with a gorgeous set of custom icons, wallpapers, IconOmatic themes, BiteSMS themes, ColorKeyboard themes, iWidgets, HTML Lock screens, fonts, docks, badges, a custom user interface and more.

This really is the complete package, something that you don’t see quite often asides from Elite7 and a few others. To get this theme, which is still in beta testing, you must donate and register the UDID of your device by following instructions outlined at the bottom of this forum post. Hopefully a Cydia release will be made once the beta testing period ends. For now, this is good enough.

Thank you to the numerous graphic designers that continue to share their themes with me on Twitter (@rsgnl) for coverage. It is not always possible for me to cover every theme that comes across my table, but I do look at and appreciate each of them. Remember that paid themes should be gifted to Cydia ID 6107077 if you wish for a chance to be featured in Theme Thursday.

Let’s see your your theme setups in the comments.