Get your JailbreakCon 2014 tickets now

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With only a few more weeks to go before JailbreakCon kicks off, tickets are now available for this one of a kind event that has been gathering everyone from casual jailbreakers to highly skilled hackers for the past 3 years.

Just like the previous years, the event boasts an impressive list of speakers. Not only attendees will be able to attend talks by Saurik, pod2g, Surenix, Ryan Petrich, and many more, but everyone will also get a chance to meet these high profiles in person. As someone who’ve attended JailbreakCon before, I urge you to get your tickets now…

There are two pricing levels. If you’re less than 18, you can get a two-day pass for just $10. If you’re more than 18, the same two-day pass will cost you $30, and that includes lunch for these two days. But you have to hurry because only 200 tickets will be sold at this price. After that, tickets will go up.

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What you can expect from JailbreakCon 2014

Saturday will be based around a series of hands-on workshops where attendees will be able to learn from the speakers. During these workshops, you’ll learn about tweak development, security research, jailbreak development, troubleshooting jailbroken devices, designing themes, among other topics. Most of these workshops will be designed for attendees with no prior experience in these subjects. For attendees who are already experienced developers or theme artists, this time will be a chance to connect with other developers and work on projects together.

Sunday will be all about talks. Attendees will be able to listen to some of the most popular names in the jailbreak community talk about various topics. Some of the confirmed speakers include pod2g, Saurik, Ryan Petrich, Filippo Bigarella, Surenix, NitoTV, and more. Thanks to the casual atmosphere of the event, everyone will be able to mingle with everyone else, which I must say, is one great thing about JailbreakCon.

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As always, is sponsoring the event, and I will be attending myself.

To get a good feel for what it is like to attend JailbreakCon, I suggest you read my tale of three days spent at the epicenter of the jailbreak community.

If you live anywhere near San Francisco, you have no excuse for not attending. If you live a little further away, then this is your chance to come to SF and meet great people with interests similar to yours. Trust me, you won’t regret it!