Target now lets you trade-in your iPad 2 for nearly half off a brand new Retina iPad mini

iPad 2 teaser

The American retailing company Target is running various deals concerning Apple’s popular devices on a regular basis. In its latest move aimed at encouraging users to ditch their legacy iPad 2, the retailer is offering at least a $150 gift card for an iPad 2 or newer in good condition.

According to TechnoBuffalo, the promotion begins today, March 9, and runs through Saturday, March 15, and is valid in-store only, through Target’s participating locations…

As TechnoBuffalo noted, trading-in your legacy iPad 2 for the full amount effectively nets you an iPad mini with Retina display for $220 out of pocket – and possibly down to nearly half off Apple’s asking price.

For reference, Apple is selling the entry-level, Wi-Fi-only Retina iPad mini with sixteen gigabytes of storage for $399.

Moreover, Target is making its existing iPhone trade-in even more tempting by throwing in an additional $50 off on your used smartphone trade-in when you purchase a new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c with a two-year agreement with Verizon, Sprint or AT&T.

This means you could exchange your rusty old iPhone 4s for a brand spanking new iPhone 5s while paying zero bucks out of pocket, the publication explains.

Let’s say your iPhone 4s is considered to have a value of $100. Combine that with the extra $50 just for trading a used smartphone in, and you’ll be able to pay for a 16GB iPhone 5s on two-year contract, which is currently being offered for $150 through Target.

That offer is valid through March 22, 2014.

As for the iPhone 5c, Target is selling the handset for $49 after a two-year contract.

Both offers are part of the company’s ongoing electronics trade-in program.