Apple Store app is giving away free music


As an incentive meant to drive customers to buy their iPhones straight from one of Apple’s retail stores in the United States rather than from carriers and other retailers, Apple last August started offering free digital content through its Apple Store shopping app, a free download for the iPhone and iPad.

After offering Electronic Arts’ excellent take on the classic Tetris game last month, the iPhone maker has now updated its free content promo by replacing the block-dropping game with a few “exciting new tracks helping to define this year’s musical landscape”.

Here’s how to claim your free music now…

Your free tracks include ‘Salt’ by Bad Suns, ‘Wake the Neighbors’ by Kris Bowers and ‘Calor’ by Master Blaster Sound System.

To redeem the free tracks, do the following:

Step 1: Fire up the Apple Store app (download it free in the App Store).

Step 2: Hit the Stores button at the bottom.

Step 3: Use the search field to find any U.S. retail outlet (i.e. ‘Manhattan, New York’).

Step 4: Tap on the store in search results to get to its landing page.

Step 5: Hit the ‘New Artist 2014′ link found directly underneath the ‘Upgrade your iPhone’ section.

Step 6: Tap the big green ‘Download songs for free’ button.

Step 7: Hit ‘Continue’ to confirm you agree to be taken to the iTunes app.

Step 8: Type in your iTunes credentials.

Step 9: Tap the Redeem button in the upper-right corner.

Your free tracks will start downloading immediately under the Downloads section.

Note that this offer expires March 31. The promo code is only redeemable in the U.S. iTunes Store and offered exclusively to the Apple Store app users.

Download the latest version of the Apple Store app free in the App Store.

The universal binary works with any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 6.0 or later.