Latest Samsung ads take swipes at iPhone’s screen size and iPad’s multitasking

Galaxy Tab 10.1 ad (teaser 002)

Samsung is taking a page from Microsoft’s book with the release of a new ad featuring side-by-side comparison of its 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab Pro and Apple’s iPad. Not only that, Samsung has actually borrowed the concept of Apple’s inaugural iPad Air commercial dubbed ‘Pencil’ and applied it to its ad.

The ad titled ‘Multitasking Redefined’ highlights Samsung device’s multitasking capabilities allowing it to render two apps side-by-side, because “doing two things at once is greater than doing one thing at once”.

The 60-second video proudly proclaims the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to be an even thinner tablet than the iPad Air despite a negligible difference in their thickness. There’s also another ad which uses a video of a LeBron James slam dunk to mock the iPhone’s screen size.

Here it is…

For those wondering, the Samsung device is 7.3mm thick versus 7.5mm for the iPad Air. The 0.2mm difference is enough of a justification to call the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 thinner than the iPad Air.

In the case of the screen resolution, Samsung has a point: the Apple tablet’s Retina screen maxes out at 1,536-by-2,048 pixels (264ppi) while Samsung’s device packs even more pixels at a whopping 1,600-by-2,560 pixel resolution (299ppi)

But Samsung didn’t stop there.

Another commercial pits the iPhone’s “non-HD” four-inch display to
the Galaxy Note 3’s HD screen measuring 5.7 inches diagonally, using a video of a LeBron James slam dunk.

“Shouldn’t we enjoy this high-definition jam on a screen that’s actually high-definition?” asks the voiceover. “5.7 inches of HD… or 4.0 inches of non-HD.”

I’m not sure I appreciate the “LeBron’s literally running away from this phone” part.

Do you like the ads or has Samsung gone too far taking swipes at the iPhone and iPad?