Concept: Apple’s rumored health/fitness band

iBand (image 006)

There has been absolutely no shortage of downright silly iWatch concepts, with a few notable exceptions of compelling renderings doing their best to depict what an iWatch might – but probably never will – look like. The vast majority of the renderings are probably way off mark in their depictions of an Apple-branded wearable device.

But as Tim Cook has reportedly given the nod to Apple engineers to focus on health and fitness functions, it’s becoming clear we could see a fitness band from Apple rather than an iWatch. This newest batch of renderings comes from the creative team of the British technology magazine called T3, which posted a nicely done smart bracelet concept dubbed the iBand…

Check out the renderings, via

iBand (image 005)

iBand (image 004)

iBand (image 003)

iBand (image 002)

iBand (image 001)

And the video below…

One of the silliest concepts is this one below by Fuse Chicken.

The problem with the vast majority of iWatch concepts is that their authors wrongly assume that an Apple-branded wearable device will be a smartwatch, which I think couldn’t be further from the truth.

So, what did you think of this particular concept?