New iWatch concept looks like Nike’s FuelBand, runs iOS 7

iwatch concept ios 7

Although we’re not expecting to see it on stage at Apple’s media event tomorrow, the iWatch is still a highly anticipated product in the company’s pipeline. Most industry watchers don’t have the device launching until late 2014.

There are essentially two theories on what Apple’s wearable will look like: one being an actual watch-like device, and the other is more of a fitness band. Today’s concept takes after the latter, and we have to say, it looks awesome…

The concept, which comes from Dribbble’s Thomas Bogner (via 9to5Mac), may look like a Nike FuelBand knockoff, but it offers up a lot more functionality than the popular fitness band thanks to its beautiful, curved touchscreen.

And on that display, you’ll notice that he has added apps like Mail, Messages and Calendar, as well as Music controls, and support for Siri. I also like that the clock view features large font, and that there appears to be fitness tracking.


But even Bogner notes how impractical some of these features would be on such a small surface:

“But I really liked the idea of wrapping the Interface around the wrist and have something like the clickwheel rotating around my arm. The main problem is, i love the form-factor of the fuel band but would it be practical to read more text than “GOAL” or even interact with it? If the possibilities are just swipe and tap i’m sure it’s possible but a watch has to be something that people like to use and i am not quiet convinced if this would be the fact. 

But what we’ve seen so far is either ugly or stupid or both – and the conclusions gonna be: smartwatches are just pricy unnecessary gimmicks, until “somebody” will teach us better :)”

I have to agree with him. The success of Apple’s so-called ‘iWatch’ will hinge on two things: form factor and capabilities. If it doesn’t look good, or if it’s too bulky, people won’t buy it. And if doesn’t do anything of value, people won’t buy it.

But if I had to guess, I’d say Bogner’s concept is one of the more accurate we’ve seen regarding Apple’s wearable device. First off, Tim Cook loves his FuelBand, and I just can’t imagine Jony Ive and company trying to replace the wristwatch.

What do you think of this iWatch concept? Would you buy one?