VSCO Cam 3.0 lets you follow people, brings out a myriad of refinements

VSCO Cam 3.0 for iOS (Curated grid)VSCO Cam 3.0 for iOS (Side menu).jpg

VSCO Cam should be on every iPhone photography fan’s Home screen. The software offers a variety of advanced features making it easy to edit, crop and filter your snaps on the go.

Our own Lory Gil wrote in her review last summer that VSCO Cam for the iPhone and iPod touch is worth downloading, even more so considering that a set of filters included in the free download (with more available via in-app purchases) is enough to keep averages users occupied for some time.

VSCO Cam version 3.0, now available in the App Store, adds a bunch of new features aimed at improving your mobile photography experience. Plus, it wants to become your next Instagram by including the ability to follow individual profiles, a novel feature for a camera phone app and the number one request from users…

According to the team, VSCO Cam 3.0 is now fully integrated with their free photo publishing platform called VSCO Grid. As illustrated on the top left screenshot, users can now create their VSCO Grid, share images and discover content from other photographers.

As a bonus, the slide menu (top right) makes it real easy to quickly access VSCO Grid and your Grid Manager. “Consider it an ever-changing gallery that honors art and artist, a personal feed where you can view the latest images of those you follow,” per the post.

Oh, and you can now follow people directly inside the app, either by searching for their profile name in VSCO Grid or right from their profile, as depicted below.

A feed of your friends’ photos edited inside the app is then available in the app’s Home section. Unlike Instagram, however, VSCO Cam 3.0 won’t let you comment on other people’s photos, like them or see how many followers you have.

VSCO Cam 3.0 for iOS (Follow people 001)VSCO Cam 3.0 for iOS (Follow people 002).jpgVSCO Cam 3.0 for iOS (Follow people 003).jpg

Other changes include the updated crop tool allowing for a more accurate control, a new switch in Menu > Settings > Preferences to automatically save images to your device’s Camera Roll, alphabetical ordering of your Presets, new location settings when sharing an image, tilt and level alignment guides when taking images, pinch-to-zoom in Detail view and more.

VSCO Cam 3.0 for iOS (Crop tool).jpgVSCO Cam 3.0 for iOS (Autosave).jpgVSCO Cam 3.0 for iOS (Preset order).jpg

All of the newly added features will be launched for Android “in the near future”.

In addition to the aforementioned goodies, this version of VSCO Cam includes the following new features, fixes and refinements:

  • VSCO Grid natively integrated into VSCO Cam
  • Search and follow other VSCO photographers
  • View the curated VSCO Grid, a collection of amazing images
  • New Level & Tilt in Camera ensures your photos are always straight
  • Order Presets alphabetically with one click
  • Image Detail supports Pinch to Zoom
  • Improved Crop Tool for a smoother, more accurate experience
  • iPhone 4 now displays Preset preview thumbnails
  • Updated UI/UX
  • Improved Share functionality
  • iPhone 4s responsiveness greatly improved
  • Accuracy adjustments to Temperature Tool
  • Updated location and privacy settings
  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements

You can download VSCO Cam free in the App Store.