Facebook caught testing Graph Search for mobile


It’s been more than a year now since Facebook first launched Graph Search for desktops, and nearly 4 months since we first saw evidence that it was testing an iPhone version of the tool. But it looks like it’s finally about ready to go mobile.

Following a hint by Mark Zuckerberg last week that Facebook’s Graph Search would be hitting mobile devices soon, the social network has begun testing the new feature. Some users are even beginning to see the search tool on their smartphones…

Here’s a tweet from Mashable writer Seth Figerman:

And The Verge received confirmation from Facebook:

“Judging from the image, users may soon be able to conduct the same searches for people, places, and timeframes on their phones as they’re able to do on the desktop. A Facebook representative later confirmed with The Verge that the company has indeed started a small test of the navigation for mobile Graph Search.”

In case you missed Facebook’s Q4 earnings call last week, the company is betting everything on mobile. That’s where it’s now getting more than 50% of its ad revenue from, and it has a whole suite of new mobile apps on the way—including Paper.

And for those unfamiliar with Graph Search, it’s a way for Facebook users to sift through the social network’s vast amount of data, and the web, using a variety of search terms. I find it to be fairly handy, and I can’t wait until it’s available on my iPhone.