Bug in iCloud web portal hints at future Bookmarks support

icloud bookmark

It’s been discovered today that an error on Apple’s iCloud web portal displays a “Coming Soon” message for iCloud Bookmarks, suggesting that the feature may soon be available on the website. This would allow users to remotely access their bookmarks using virtually any browser.

The page, which you can see in the screenshot above, appears briefly when visiting this URL from your computer. It was originally accessed by installing the Chrome extension for the iCloud Control Panel for Windows on a PC, and so far, no one is quite sure what to make of it…

9to5Mac, who was first to report on the page, believes it could mean one of two things. The first is that it could just be talking about an iCloud extension for browsers, since the URL does end in “bookmarks_extension.” But most browsers have had extensions for several months now.

The second, and more likely scenario is that Apple is indeed adding iCloud Bookmark support to its web portal, meaning that users will soon be able to view their Bookmarks on the web. This could come in handy in a variety of situations where you don’t have your computer with you.

Apple has been working hard to beef up the functionality of iCloud.com over the past year or so. It’s added web-based versions of its iWork apps, and given the site a complete UI makeover. And earlier this month, the company updated iCloud for iWork with several improvements.

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