KORG launches ‘Gadget’ app – one synthesizer to rule them all

KORG GadgetFor those musicians out there that use the iPad for creating music with synthesizers, you’ll be happy to know that KORG has just put two of their most popular apps on sale for half off to celebrate the launch of their newest title.

KORG Gadget is a 15-pedal synthesizer for the iPad that covers 15 different classic instrument and genre sounds from the music company. Yes, the price tag is high, but KORG geeks will tell you it is worth every cent. They may also tell you to shut up or they will hit you over the head with their PolySix. You gotta watch out for those rabid fans…

KORG Gadget comes with 15 compact synthesizers or drum machines, including the Tube Bass Machine, Polyphonic PCM Synthesizer, and more. Plus, each gadget includes a powerful sequencer. The multiple gadgets give you dozens of options for creating and producing sounds. You don’t have to be a musician to make music with this app either. It was designed to work great for pros, but also be accessible to “noobs.”

KORG Gadget 3The screen can be used in portrait or landscape mode, but was specially designed to be used with one hand in portrait mode. The screen is divided into two halves in the vertical view so you can control the song creation and sound creation sections at the same time. The current synthesizer is displayed at the bottom of the screen, while the sequencer appears at the top.

You can run as many as 20 gadgets at a time, depending on your model of iPad. The iPad Air, of course, offers the most multi-channel operation. You can also connect your iPad to an external MIDI instrument for a realistic keyboard synthesizer.

KORG Gadget 2KORG Gadget can be shared with others on GadgetCloud, which is a subgenre of Sound Cloud. Share your new music with others and allow them to comment on your submissions.

KORG Gadget costs $28.99, which is 25 percent off of the full price. Before you start crying about how expensive it is, think about this. Individual KORG pedals are, at minimum, $150. Synth musicians will tell you that KORG makes high-quality music apps. The premium price is completely reasonable for this app. Download it in the App Store today.

Don’t forget, KORG’s iElectribe and iKaossilator are both on sale for half off to celebrate the launch of Gadget.

Are you a synth musician? Are you excited about KORG’s new Gadget?