How to turn the iOS 7 app switcher into a musical instrument


Every so often, a jailbreak tweak is released on Cydia that does something completely different. These tweaks usually have no real benefit other than the fact that they do something weird or obscure.

MusicalSwitcher is one of those tweaks that fits the aforementioned description to a tee. It has no real benefit, but it allows you to use your app switcher pages as if they were keys on a piano. You’re just going to have to watch this video to see what I mean.

The iOS 7 app switcher brings full screen page previews to the mix, and these pages can be eliminated with a simple swipe up gesture. Swiping down on the pages normally doesn’t do anything, except for iOS’ patented rubber-banding animation.

With MusicalSwitcher installed, swiping down on a page plays an audible note that sounds like a piano. Each page is assigned to its own note, resulting in a slightly different sound. Of course, the app switcher in iOS 7 is a bit too cumbersome to break it down like Ray Charles, but it’s still a fairly cool tweak to show off to your buddies.

MusicalSwitcher is available for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. If you decide to try it, do like we always suggest and leave us a comment down below.