‘7 Minute Workout Challenge’ goes free in the Apple Store app

apple store

A lot of folks were unhappy with the free download items Apple offered during its 12 Days of Gifts event. Many felt that the company,  which is worth some $140 billion, was a little cheap with the giveaway. But the good news is, it’s not done giving.

Last fall, Apple started offering free content in its Apple Store app in an effort to drive more traffic to its online storefront. And today, it’s posted a new free item: the popular ‘7 Minute Workout Challenge’ fitness app for iPhone by Fitness Guide Inc…

Here’s the note from Apple:

Jump into the new year.

The 7 Minute Workout Challenge is a simple and effective way to get fit in the new year. Follow step-by-step guidance through quick high-intensity workouts.Track your progress with the app as you work towards your fitness goals in just 7 minutes!

The Apple Store app is available for both the iPhone and the iPad (although I was only able to find the free download in the iPhone app), and can be downloaded here for free. You’ll find the ‘7 Minute Workout Challenge’ app halfway down the main page.

7 minute workout

Apple says the app will be free until February 20, at which time it’ll return to its regular price tag of $1.99. So get it now!