Pebble firmware update brings Do Not Disturb mode, faster notifications and more

Pebble Watch

The Pebble Smartwatch has gotten smarter than ever as the company pushed a new version 1.4 firmware which enhances notifications while bringing a new Do Not Disturb mode along with other new features, improvements and fixes.

Like on your iPhone, Pebble’s new Do Not Disturb mode lets you specify a time frame during which notifications won’t be displayed. You can also specify what notifications are displayed, create a new Snooze Alarm, create multiple alarms, toggle alarms on and off, edit existing alarms and enjoy improved iOS performance…

Now available through the Pebble iOS or Android app, the new firmware improves performance on iOS devices by sending notifications more quickly from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to the Pebble.

And after exiting Airplane Mode, Pebble will now search for connectable iOS devices immediately, instead of waiting one minute, release notes state.

• Do Not Disturb – Block notifications for a set period of time (from Pebble: Settings » Notifications » Do Not Disturb).
• Alarms app update – Create multiple Alarms, toggle Alarms on/off, and edit existing Alarms
New “Snooze Alarm.” Customizable via the Pebble Alarms app
• Improved Notification Control – Specify what notifications are displayed (Notifications On, Phone Calls Only, or Notifications Off). Notification settings are now accessible more quickly through a dedicated menu (Settings » Notifications)
• Improved iOS performance – Notifications are now sent more quickly from your iOS device to Pebble. After exiting Airplane Mode, Pebble will now search for connectable iOS devices immediately, instead of waiting one minute

This firmware update also fixes a number of bugs, including update causing users to become stuck in a reset loop and connection issues occurring for some customers after being connected for more than 24 hours.

• fixed an issue where Pebble may enter “Recovery Mode” immediately after updating to 1.13 firmware
• fixed an issue affecting some iOS Pebblers experiencing dropped Bluetooth connections, a few seconds after connecting
• fixed an issue where Caller ID data would not display on Pebble after receiving a missed call
• fixed Bluetooth data transfer reliability issues, particularly during a firmware update
• fixed an issue where Pebble would sometimes keep vibrating after dismissing or answering a phone call

Pebble recently released Beta 3 of the Pebble SDK 2.0 with bug fixes, stability improvements and new features for third-party developers.