Argus picks up support for Fitbit imports, Bluetooth heart rate monitor for activities and more

Argus 2.8.63 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)Argus 2.8.63 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Azumio’s Argus fitness software was the first App Store app to gain low-power motion tracking via support for the dedicated M7 motion coprocessor inside the iPhone 5s.

Today, the developer has refreshed the app with a bunch of fixes and a couple new features, including the new Close Friends social capability, the ability to import Fitbit data, support for Bluetooth heart rate monitor for activities and other goodies.

The updated item is now live in the App Store and free for everyone who’ve previously purchased the program…

On top of the aforementioned new features, Argus 2.8.63 now supports the LifeTrak C410 and LifeTRNr SYNC accessories and lets you change your profile photo within the app. There are now more useful stats in the Activity details screen, with the all-new Run/Cycle/Hike activity recording dashboard with live map and heart rate support.

With full support for the iPhone 5s’s M7 chip, Argus can continue collecting motion activity data while it’s suspended, with a minimum impact on your battery. On the other hand, some realtime Argus features are not compatible with the M7, such as step count on the app’s Home screen icon, gestures for adding water and automatic run detection.

Argus 2.8.63 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)Argus 2.8.63 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004)

Here’s the full changelog

– Social with Close Friends
– Changing the profile photo
– Fitbit import
– Bluetooth heart rate monitor support for activities
– LifeTrak C410 and LifeTRNr SYNC support
– New Run/Cycle/Hike activity recording dashboard with live map and heart rate support
– More stats in activity details screen
– Bugfixes
– Corrected Negative steps with M7
– Corrected Step data gets reset in rate cases
– Corrected active time for steps
– Corrected timezone and daylight savings time issues with calorie calculation

Argus for the iPhone and iPod touch can be yours in exchange for $1.99.

The 23MB download requires an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 6 or later.