iPad Air shipping times begin to slip

It’s been just 24 hours since the iPad Air launched, and already supplies are starting to weaken. Space gray seems to be the most popular color, as shipping estimates for 16GB and 128GB models have slipped to 5-10 days in several countries.

Even here in the US, shipping times have begun to slip. The T-Mobile variant of the space gray 128GB Air is showing that it ships in 5-10 days, and ship dates for nearly all other models of the tablet have gone from November 4 to November 6…

And the story seems to be similar for in-store supplies as well. While most retailers appear to still have an abundant supply of lower end iPad Air models (16, 32GB Wi-Fi), 64GB and 128GB + Cellular models are getting harder and harder to find.

Overall, though, Air inventory has held up rather well thus far, as expected. A report from earlier this week claiming that larger Apple Stores were receiving shipments of the new tablet with between 500-1000 units now seems to have been spot-on.

Of course, we won’t really know how well the iPad Air is doing until Monday, when Apple typically announces opening weekend device sales. It could wait, however, until it releases the Retina iPad mini later this month to announce joint sales figures.