Spotify finally updated for iOS 7

Spotify iOS 7

Given its popularity, it sure as well took long enough, but Spotify has finally been updated with support for iOS 7. The update brings a subtle yet certainly noticeable redesign that incorporates flatter textures, and divided search and browse sections.

Spotify’s release notes were a bit ambiguous, stating that the app was “now compatible with iOS 7.” Since compatibility doesn’t necessarily guarantee any sort of redesign, I wasn’t really expecting much.

Thankfully, Spotify’s definition of “compatible” goes beyond the codebase and encompasses the look and feel of the app as well. You’ll quickly notice new visual cues, which provide a more cohesive look alongside iOS 7.

Spotify iOS 7 Playlists

As mentioned above, Spotify’s sidebar has encountered a bit of a redesign. Gone are the combined Search and Browse fields in favor of a segregated pair of fields, which should add to the app’s simplicity and ease of use.

I think Spotify made a good move here, because people who are searching generally want only one thing — search. People who want to browse need more guidance. I think that combining the fields confused a lot of people in the past, so this is a welcomed addition.

Spotify iOS 7 scrubber

You’ll notice that the scrubber knob is a bit bigger in the new Spotify. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to test out the various hit points to ensure that it made for a more functionally sound scrubbing experience, but the bigger size should, at the least, provided the perception of better feedback with your thumbs.

Again, there are all sorts of subtle design changes in the new Spotify. Nothing about it will really pop out as a major improvement, but all of the changes add up for a better experience, and most certainly a better look.

Head over to the App Store right now, and you’ll be able to find Spotify 0.8.0 ringing in at a healthy 38.6 MB. Be sure to let us know what you think about the iOS 7 redesign in the comment section below.