Wallpapers of the week: the water lily

Mario Britten splash

A majority of our previous Wallpapers of the Week centered around iPhone and we hope to show some love in the iPad direction, especially as the iPad event goes live this Tuesday, October 22, at 10:00AM PST. If you have not taken a look at our recap for the event, there is an excellent summary post, which includes all of the rumors and expectations for the upcoming iPad 5 and iPad mini 2. Barring a last minute leak, which tend to be false anyway, I would wager a guess: there will be no surprises on Tuesday.

As excitement surrounding the Apple media invitation took to the internet last week, I featured several artists’ invitation renditions, formatted for iPhone and iPad. If you missed out, check out the invitation inspired wallpapers from last week before heading into the current selection by Mario Britten… 


Readers who keep a close watch on the Wallpapers of the Week section, read through my minor rant about iOS 7 blurry wallpapers a couple of weeks back. In an effort to expand the offerings, I posted photograph wallpapers and received many reader submissions in that category.

Today, the featured submission came from Mario Britten of Bavaria. This young iPhone photographer snapped a beautiful and detailed image of a pink water lily with his iPhone 5s. His image is not only a great artistic shot, but proof the iPhone 5s camera can capture stunning images, even when operated by an average consumer. Below are three great options, two iPhone and one iPad version. The images are extraordinarily large, but should play well with the parallax effect in iOS 7.

Water Lily Mario Britten iPhone 5 preview Water Lily Mario Britten left iPhone 5 preview

Water Lily Mario Britten iPad preview

iPhone 5: top left; top right

iPad: download


We are keeping the wallpapers alive with excellent submissions from the readers! YOU, are a reader and if you have some great wallpapers that are original items, whether created in Photoshop, In Design, or snapped a picture with your iPhone, we want to see your great images.

Make sure when you submit, there need to be at least two different images and they must be formatted for iPhone and/or iPad. Catch up with me on Twitter @jim_gresham or email them as attachments to jim@iDownloadBlog.com. If you are unsure of the resolutions here is a little help:

iPhone 5/s/c: 640×1136; for parallax, at least 740×1392

iPad: 2048×2048; for parallax, at least 2848×2848


When the full resolution image loads, tap hold on the screen. When prompted, save the image to Camera Roll and access them from either Photos.app or Settings.app. Then set to either Lock screen or Home screen. From a desktop computer, right click and save the image to the iTunes sync folder.