iPhones and iPads remain the top pick among US teenagers

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Despite Samsung’s attempt to label the iPhone as past its prime, Apple remains the top pick among US teenagers. More than half of American teens own an iPhone with nearly three quarter of young people choosing an iPad when it comes to tablets.

When it comes to purchasing decisions, popularity of cheaper Android devices have barely moved the needle, if at all. The figures from Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster bode well for Apple and its continued growth among the key consumer demographic now driving technology purchases…

Munster said, via MacRumors:

Our most recent semi-annual Teen survey demonstrates that Apple remains the most popular tech brand amongst teens. As of Fall 2013, the iPhone represented nearly 55 percent of all phones used by teens and the iPad family remained at close to 70 percent share of tablet ownership.

Apple’s brand and product quality prevented Samsung from making much headway amongst these consumers, according to the analyst. According to Munster, the percentage of US teens owning iPhones continues to increase.

The analyst’s latest semi-annual teen survey found 55 percent of teens surveyed owned an iPhone, up from 48 percent in April. The iPad is also the most common tablet brand teens own, with preference going to the larger model.

The iPad represented 68 percent of the 56 percent of US teens who have tablets. Preference still gives the larger Apple tablet a huge lead over the iPad mini by 60 percent to a meager eight percent, respectively.


Although the level of iPad ownership in the fall of 2013 remained the same as we saw in April, there is a slight shift toward the smaller iPad mini, according to Munster. The current 60/8 percent split among the iPad and iPad mini now seen differs from the earlier 63/5 percent the survey registered in April.

As for which smartphone and tablet US teens plan to purchase over the next six months, the iPhone and iPad again see increases over Android. Some 65 percent of American teens said they intend to buy an iPhone in the next six months, up from 62 percent. Just 24 percent of teens said they intend to buy an Android smartphone, up only 1 percent from April.

There could be a better opening for Android tablets. While 64 percent of teens said they plan to buy either the iPad or iPad mini in the next half year, that’s down from 68 percent in April. Plans to buy an Android tablet grew to 28 percent, up from 24 percent.

“For those teens who expect to purchase a tablet in the next 6 months, 64 percent said they plan to buy an iPad, thus it appears that Apple should be able to maintain its tablet share,” Munster told investors.

Although the iPad mini’s popularity is increasing, “based on the purchase intent for teens, it appears that the full-sized iPad remains highly desired.”

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Future design and pricing changes could improve the mini’s demand, he adds.

Apple last month launched its new iPhone 5s with Touch ID fingerprint scanning and the colorful iPhone 5c in the United States and ten major markets around the world.

The company plans to roll out the new iPhones in more than 37 new markets, starting with 25 new countries on October 25 and an additional dozen new markets on November 1. Earlier, the company announces nine million iPhone 5s/5c sales during the opening weekend.

Yesterday, AllThingsD asserted next-generation iPads along with OS X Mavericks and the new Mac Pro are slated for an official announcement at a media event pegged for October 22.

Six days later, Apple will deliver its quarterly earnings release.