Original Plants vs. Zombies updated with support for iOS 7, 4-inch displays

Those of you who weren’t impressed by Plants vs. Zombies 2 or its ‘freemium’ business model will be happy to hear that EA has updated the original PvZ game with support for the latest devices and firmware.

Posted late last night, Plants vs. Zombies version 1.9.9 includes support for the recent iOS 7 software update, as well as the larger resolution for the 4-inch displays found on newer iPhones and iPod touches…

Here’s the 1.9.9 change log:

– Optimization for the latest and greatest devices!
– Updates to ensure operating system compatibility and stability
– Gameplay bug fixes to keep Plants planting & Zombies zombie-ing!

In August, PopCap announced that it only took them two weeks to rack up 25M downloads for the new Plants vs. Zombies title—and that was strictly on iOS devices alone. The game hasn’t launched on Android yet.

But if you’re not digging the new release, you can now [properly] play the original on your iOS 7-flavored device. It comes as two separate $0.99 downloads. Click here for the iPhone version, and here for the iPad one.