You can now order your iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s side by side gold in front

Ok folks, the time has arrived. Those in one of the 9 initial launch countries can now order your iPhone 5s handset. Just as promised, the Cupertino company began accepting online orders for its new flagship smartphone right around midnight this morning.

It appears that some users are still seeing Apple’s ‘We’ll be back’ poster on, but the Apple Store app is up and running. Remember that carriers are also accepting online orders, so it’s worth checking out their websites if you have trouble getting in…

Remember to be fast, because launch inventory has been selling out quickly in other countries. Within minutes of becoming available in Australia and China, all models in all configurations began showing shipping times of 7-10 days. And some now show October.

If you’re not going to be ordering online, keep in mind that a number of retailers will begin selling the iPhone 5s in their stores today. Many of them will be opening up at 8 am local time, and are also expected to have very limited inventory, so plan accordingly.

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