New Infinity Blade III video posts ahead of next week’s release


Chair has today posted a new video teasing its upcoming Infinity Blade III title, the third installment in the developer’s popular hack-and-slash series. The game first debuted during Apple’s iPhone event on Tuesday, where it demonstrated the power of the A7.

Today’s clip is entitled ‘Infinity Blade: Origins,’ and it does a great job of summing up events in the first two games and introducing the third. In typical Infinity Blade-fashion, both graphics and audio of the video are top-notch—so it’s definitely worth watching…

Touch Arcade, who’s been playing an early build of the game, reports (via MacRumors):

“Similar to the other two titles, Infinity Blade III features the same best-in-class swipe-based controls. I’m not sure what it is about the Infinity Blade games specifically, but your swipes feel infinitely more connected to the actual action in the game compared to others.

Oh, and if you were hoping for free roaming control, you’re out of luck. The game is entirely combat focused, with the exact same kind of stopping, searching for sacks of gold, and moving forward via defeating increasingly difficult enemies.

Without getting deeper into review-y sorts of stuff which we’re saving until after the game is actually available, I’d say the best way to describe Infinity Blade III is that it’s just more Infinity Blade. There’s not even a tinge of free to play to it, it looks better than any game I’ve ever seen on the App Store, and I’m not sure it gets much more must-have than this.”

Infinity Blade III, which Chair is referring to as the ‘conclusion’ of the trilogy, introduces new worlds, gameplay concepts, and characters. Additionally, the developer says that the game features a sophisticated storyline with an estimated 45 minutes of cutscenes.

‘Infinity Blade III Reborn’ will launch alongside iOS 7 on September 18 as a universal app. It’ll be priced at $6.99, and will be compatible with the iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod touch 4, and newer.