Junk Jack X takes sandbox gaming to a whole new level

Junk Jack X 1Sandbox games are this month’s big to-do. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but two Minecraft-like world-building games hit iOS at the same time last week and they are both making a name for themselves in the gaming community.

Junk Jack X is the follow up game to PixBits’ original title Junk Jack. Players dig up materials, create new buildings, and share their adventures with others. The big debate now is, which one is better, Junk Jack X or Terraria

Players dig up stones, chop down trees, and beat up innocent cows in this side-scrolling pixelated crafting adventure. You’ll also be faced with dangerous creatures that you must destroy or run away from in order to survive. The deeper you dig, the more treasures you find. You’ll be decorating your house with exotic plants, wall sconces, and fireplaces in no time.

To dig for materials, tap your character and then tap a block or tree. Your little buddy will start hacking away at the item in question until the materials pop out and you can add them to your inventory.

To build a house, open your inventory, select the block or item you want to place, then tap the spot on the screen that you want to place it. Once your home is built, you can add crafting tables to create weapons and armor. Once crafted, you’ll be able to equip armor on the head, chest, legs, and feet. Plus, you can add a trinket for special bonus stats.

Players can customize their character by making a male or female and change the hairstyle and color, skin tone, and clothing options.

The most important part about Junk Jack X, the thing that makes it stand out above Terraria, is that it is online multiplayer compatible with Game Center. That means that you and your friend can go digging for materials, killing bad guys, and building the best possible domicile together. Trying to lay down a foundation while avoiding skeletons? No problem. Just sic your buddy on the horde of undead while you build a protective wall around yourself. You can even play with up to four other players in one game using local Wi-Fi.

Junk Jack X features more than 750 crafts so you can create nearly 400 wearable items, 350 sandbox items, and 150 different creatures. There is even a farming system with 50 different plants that you can grow and care for.

This game is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for $4.99. Download it in the App Store today.