Netflix gains My List feature

Netflix (My List, web screenshot 001)

Netflix today announced a new feature to make saving your favorite movies and televisions shows easier than ever. Aptly named My List, it lets you add any movie or TV show title to your own row or gallery on Netflix. You can easily rearrange the list, add or remove titles, with Netflix automatically sorting your entries.

It’s based on the existing Instant Queue feature which however lacks automated sorting and its own Netflix row.

My List is a staggered roll-out that’s launching worldwide in the next two weeks across multiple platforms, including iOS…

“Our U.S. members for years have had a feature called the Instant Queue,” Netflix explains. “We’ve found through talking to our customers that though many people found it useful, we could still improve the experience”.

To add a title to your My List, just hit the new ‘Add To My List’ button when viewing the title’s details on Netflix, as depicted on the screenshot below. Your My List shows up as a row on the main Netflix screen and is also accessible in the gallery view.

Netflix (My List, web screenshot 002)

“After you’ve added several titles to your list, our technology will go to work and sort your List, presenting you with the titles you’re most likely to want to watch right up front,” the company said.

Should you find automated sorted inadequate, you can go back to your own order by going to ‘My List Management’ in the ‘My Account’ screen on the Netflix website.

Alternatively, change this setting on the ‘My List’ gallery page.

The company has also added more metadata to movies and television shows, such as a new tag for TV shows that have new seasons. Netflix will also warn you if a title on your List will soon no longer be available on Netflix – currently available only through the website, but they’re rolling it out to more devices “in the coming months”.

The free Netflix iOS app has yet to be updated with the My List feature.