Phlo brings its multi-site search tool to iOS

phlo ss

If you’re like me, you perform a number of searches on the web throughout the day. And not just on Google either, but Wikipedia, Twitter, YouTube, and various other sites. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could search them all at once?

You can, actually, using Phlo. The app, which launched for the Mac earlier this year, allows you to search all of the above-listed sites (and many others) in a single go-round. And now you can do it on-the-go with the new iOS app…

Phlo for iOS is dead-simple to use. Just launch the app, type in your search query, and the engine will scour 30 preloaded portals (you can add more). So if you can’t find the answer on Google, you can quickly hop over to another site.

phlo ss 2

Here are some of the app’s notable features:

– Switch between results on any site without retyping your search term
– Saved history of your searches, so you can search again without retyping
– Instant search suggestions from your history, Google and Bing as you type
– Free Phlo Sync service that synchronizes your history and search sites across all your iOS and Mac devices
– Pop open links and results in Safari or Chrome
– Share links with others using Messages, Email, Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp
– Save links for later using Instapaper or Readability 

In addition to launching the new iOS app, Cynapse has updated the Mac app to version 2.0. The big update features a few improvements, including search history and cloud-syncing so you can share history with the iOS app.

If you’d like to check it out for yourself, you can find Phlo in the App Store, for both the iPhone and iPad, for $2.99. And for those interested.