Old school gaming meets iPhone case

PureGear case

When I think of an iPhone case, I primarily worry about protection, looks, construction material, and practicality. Typically, these would be the standards by which I grade a case for review, after using them for about a week’s time. Very rarely, if ever, do I worry about the level of fun my iPhone case can produce.

Call me a cynic, maybe a realist, but iPhone cases and fun do not typically mix. Sure, there are really cool and awesome cases out there that may invoke some sort of childish excitement by the user. However,  after running across the Retro Game Case lineup by Pure Gear, having fun may just be the new factor for favorite cases…

Fun and protection

Since fun is the new standard, let’s start there. The Retro Game Cases for iPhone 5 are available in three separate styles, Amazing, Groovy, and Undecided. All models encase at least on small ball bearing in a form of retro gaming board.

The Amazing case traps the ball on a blue playing field with maze walls, complete with a starting slot. Weave the ball across the field to the opposite top right corner. Sets of green concentric circles line the back of Groovy, which challenges the user to get all three balls into the center ring. Undecided combines a pink and orange playing field into a plink-o pinball board. Shoot the ball up the right side and let it fall down a series of pegs, falling on either the “yes” or “no” side, helping you make those difficult 50/50 decisions, in style.

The cases are well constructed of a thermoplastic that flexes on the edges for easy installation. The sleep/wake and volume buttons are covered, leaving port holes for the speakers, Lightning, headphone, and mute switch. For a novelty item, it is not the nicest case money can buy, but purchasing a Retro Case is more for the fun.



It isn’t often our iPhone games do not require an app. Pure Gear takes the electricity requirement away from having a great time. It is a fun, kitschy way to enjoy a few minutes in line at Starbucks. You are not going to see me using this one as my go-to, but it is certainly an entertaining way to protect your iPhone. When it comes to really recommending this case, well, it is neither vanilla or chocolate. If you want a cool looking case, go for it.

The cases retail for $29.99, but you can nab each off Amazon for around a 50% discount. If mazes are your thing, the Amazing is $15. The Groovy starts at $13 and the Undecided can be grabbed for $16.27.

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