iPhotographer Magazine launches on Apple’s Newsstand, free issue available

iphoto mag

We love iPhone photography, sometimes referred to as iPhoneography, here at iDB. We love learning new methods to take better photos with our iPhones, and of course, sharing those methods with our awesome readers.

With that in mind, we wanted to tell you about a new digital magazine devoted to the subject. It’s called iPhotographer, and it just launched on Apple’s Newsstand this week with—wouldn’t you know it—a free preview issue…

From its Newsstand description:

“This is more than just a PDF rehash of a traditional magazine. This feature-rich publication includes interactivity and multimedia in a format designed from the ground up for the iPad. The design of the magazine is slick and high-end.

The editorial scope ranges from the casual user who shares on Instagram to globally-recognized artists who use their iOS device to create intricate and amazing works of art. Content ranges from Jack Hollingsworth’s gear talk to tips and tricks from high-profile artists to galleries of world-class iPhone art.”

The magazine is published monthly, and each issue will run you $3.99 via a monthly Apple Newsstand subscription. Or, if you’re into the whole saving money thing, you can order an annual subscription for $18.99—60% off.

If you’d like to give it a test run first, there’s a free preview issue available now. It’s about a third of the size of a regular issue, but there’s still plenty of great content.

And of course, you can view all of our great iPhoneography content on our iPhone Photography page.