Apple revamps iPad in Business mini-site

iPad in Business website

And the flattening continues. First iOS 7, then Jonny Ive’s title, followed by the iCloud Beta website, and now the iPad in Business website has been revamped to match Apple’s newly found approach to software design. Gone is the old column-based appearance, making way for a simpler one-column design which highlights specific benefits business users can expect from deploying Apple’s tablet, such as paperless office, dynamic data reports, transaction processing and more…

Further down below, the redesigned web page offers a nice video showcase where business owners talk about the iPad’s benefits in work environment. This section also highlights the iPad’s field use and how the tablet boosts productivity in specific market verticals, such as healthcare, construction, energy and more.

iPad in Business website 001

Apple also highlights large corporations in the Profiles section such as Bechtel, Siemens Energy, Sonic Automotive and Hallmark and explains how these companies converted their existing last-century business tools to iPad apps.

iPad in Business website 002

There’s also a section dedicated to the iOS features that cater to businesses and the IT Center with additional resources and guides for IT managers on best practices in terms of iPad deployment and how companies could distribute in-house apps to employees.

Interestingly enough, as posted by 9to5Mac, the iPhone in Business website still shows the old design though we’re expecting a redesign soon.