Chain Reaction – Connect The Dots, a relaxing game for a relaxing weekend

Chain Reaction 3Sometimes, you want to play a game that takes up hours of your day. Sometimes, you feel the need for speed and want a game that will make your palms sweat. Some days, you just want to sit back, relax and let your game be a sort of meditation.

Chain Reaction is a very simple game that doesn’t require a whole lot of skill. The only thing you need is patience and a bit of luck…

The game consists of a number of floating dots. Your job is to get them to stick together. To connect dots, tap the screen. This will create a new, larger dot. As others float by, they will stick to it and grow themselves. The more dots that are connected, the bigger the chain reaction and easier it is to get more dots.

You can tap the screen to produce a total of three connector dots on a level. When a dot increases in size and becomes “sticky,” it only lasts for a few seconds. New dots can become sticky and collect more, but once all dots lose their size, the round is over.

Each level has a minimum requirement of dots to collect, which increases as you progress. For example, early on, you will only have to connect a few dots, then a few dozen, and then 100. If you fail to connect the required number of dots before they shrink down, you must replay the level.

Chain Reaction 1

The more dots you must connect, the more populated the screen becomes. However, they do not replenish. So, as you start to run out of dots, it becomes more difficult to reach the higher numbers.

The game starts to get challenging at about the tenth level. At this point, it stops being a game of chance and starts to become a game that you try to strategize. For example, you might try clumping your three connector dots together to create a wall. You might try timing the placement of the connector dots so that a new one lands on the screen just before an old one starts to disappear.

There are nine different worlds, represented by color names. The levels become more challenging and incorporate obstacles, like walls, as you progress. It may start out easy, but you will definitely be working for your score as you play.

Chain Reaction 2

Chain Reaction has a pleasant color scheme with an iOS 7 design. The tones are just to the left of tertiary  on the color wheel, giving it an almost antique look with a modern overlay.

The game is advertisement supported. There is an ad banner permanently at the top of the screen and a really annoying pop-up ad that appears every few rounds. If you can’t stand the in-app advertisements, you can pay $1.99 to remove them.

Chain Reaction is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 5.0 or later. You can download it for free in the App Store today.